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Cathay Insurance                                                                                         

Students who just arrived in Taiwan are not eligible for applying NHI (National Health Insurance). You will have to join the Cathay Insurance for the first six months in Taiwan. 

With Cathay insurance, you can go to clinics or hospitals and pay the whole fee by yourself first. The coverage of reimbursement is as follows:

Clinic: The maximum of reimbursement is NT$1,000 per day/visit.

Hospital: The maximum of reimbursement is NT$1,000 per day. The payment of benefit shall not exceed NT$120,000 per hospitalization. 

Please have the following documents with you when applying for the reimbursement.

1. The receipt

2. The medical certificate (apply from the hospital/clinic)

3. Post office account book

4. Application form  


National Health Insurance (NHI)                                                               

After your first arrival in Taiwan, you need to stay in Taiwan for more than six months continuously. Within the six months, you can only go abroad for only once and less than 30 days. If you go abroad for more than 30 days or more than two times, the date you enroll in NHI will be recounted. 

More explanation:

First arrive in Taiwan:  Sept. 10 + 6 months (stay in Taiwan for more than 6 months continuously) 

                                 = Mar. 10  (the date you join NHI)  

                                 Use Cathay Insurance instead from Sept. 10 to Mar.9.

Example 1:

Going abroad between Sept. 10 and Mar. 10 for 5 days, then the date you join NHI is Mar. 15.

(Mar.10+5 days)

Use Cathay Insurance from Sept. 10 to Mar. 14.

Example 2:

Going abroad between Sept. 10 and Mar. 10 for 30 days, from Nov. 1 to Nov.30. 

Nov. 30 + 6 months (must stay in Taiwan continuously) = May 30 (the date you join NHI)

Use Cathay Insurance from Sept. 10 to May 29.

Example 3:

Going abroad during Sept. 10 to Mar. 10 for 6 days, from Oct. 1 to Oct.6. And go abroad again from Dec. 15 to Dec. 25.

Dec. 25+6 months (must stay in Taiwan continuously)= Jun. 25 (the date you join NHI)

Use Cathay Insurance from Sept. 10 to Jun. 24.


NCU Student Insurance                                                                              


Eligibility: Every student in NCU (including interns)


Coverage limits: This insurance covers injury due to accidents, illness, and disablement, but it’s only for the patients who need to hospitalized. (Outpatients are not included.)

Documents for applying for reimbursement: 

1. The Receipt

2. The medical certificate (apply from the hospital/clinic)



Living Expenses & Housing

Living Expenses (food, transportation)

Living Expenses : NT$ 70,000 to NT$ 100,000 per year



There are 16 student dormitories with more than 1,900 rooms which can accommodate up to 6,000 students. 59 percent of students have the opportunity to lodge at the dorms. Telephone facilities and internet access are available in every room to reach out and/or surf the internet. There are also public spaces such as lounges, reading rooms, gyms, table tennis rooms for recreation, entertainment, and study. 

 On-Campus Housing

The following rates (in NT$) apply to the 2007 academic year; the rates are subject to change annually.

Undergraduate / Room for 4 people
   Each Semester  Summer Vacation  Winter Vacation
 Male  3670~5250  2680~3640  810~1160 
 Female  3670~5770  2680~3960  810~1280
   Fall Semester (Sept. 1~Jan. 31)

 Spring Semester (Feb 1~Aug~31)

 Male  4970~8290  6950~11600  ( Room for 2 people) 
 Female  6810  9530  ( Room for 4 people)

Air-conditioning fee is not included (Estimate: NT$1,100).


 Dormitory Regulations
  1. Please keep the voice down and be respectful of the rights of other students.
  2. Drinking, gambling, fighting, and smoking are strictly prohibited.
  3. Students should not tamper with electrical fixtures and built-in furniture, other than the ones allowed such as lamp, hair-dryer, fan, radio, shaver, and computers.
  4. Re-renting the room is not allowed.
  5. Office of Student Affairs must be notified if any bed or room switch.
  6. No bicycles and scooters in dorms.
  7. The resident will be responsible for keeping the room in a clean and well-maintained condition. Redecoration, alteration, remodeling and not permitted.
  8. Students will be responsible for taking care of the room furnishings. No public property should be removed form the room.
  9. Cooking, burning or bringing in cooking utensils in dormitory is prohibited.
  10. .Students will be asked to repair or replace any damaged items at their own expenses.
  11. No alcohol, tobacco, smokeless tobacco or other illegal substances in dorm.
  12. It is prohibited to entertain or accommodate visitors in your room.
  13. Party and pet are not allowed.
  14. At the time of withdrawal, the resident is responsible for returning the room in the same condition that it was when they entered the dorm. If for any reason this is not possible, a charge will be made for cleaning.
  15. Please do not violate the dormitory rules stated or intentionally, carelessly destroy dormitory properties.
  16. The check-out procedure should be started ONE MONTH before student’s departure; otherwise no deposit refund.
  17. Deposit won’t be issued while voluntary withdrawal.

School Regulation & Form

 I. Admission
  • International students should follow “NCU International Students Entrance Regulations” to apply for NCU.
  • Every accepted student should be present at the university on stated date for further admission procedure. Qualification will be cancelled for non-attendance.
  • Freshmen students can apply for deferred admission to Section of Registration for one year at most if they can’t register in the first semester.


 II. Tuition, Enrollment , and Course
  • Students are required to pay the enrollment fee before each semester. The amount will be announced prior to the enrollment of each semester.
  • Students should pay for tuition within the period stated. The qualification of those who can’t pay on time will be forfeited unless the application for postponement from Section of Registration. The postponement is at most two weeks; otherwise, the student will be considered as dropout.
  • Graduate students should follow the department requirement for taking courses. For undergraduate students, the courses taken for the first three academic years should not be less than 16 credits. In the forth academic year, the credits taken should be no less than 9 credits.


 III. Period of Study, Credit, and Academic Performance
  • For undergraduate students

The credits they should take in four years should be at least 128 credits in order to graduate. Students can apply for an extension of study for at most 2 academic years.

  • For graduate students

The period of study for MA Program is from 1 to 4 academic yeas, while the Doctoral Program is from 2 to 7 academic years. The credit requirement for MA degree is 24 credits, 18 for Doctoral degree.

  • For undergraduate students

NCU adopts a hundred points, system, with 100 being the highest and 60 being the pass mark. The marks are divided into the following levels.
A+ 90 points and above
A 80 to 89 points
B 70 to 79 points
C 60 to 69 points
D 50 to 59 points
E below 50 points
If a failing grade is obtained, no make-up test can be made, students should repeat the failing required course.

  • For graduate students, the pass mark is 70, and if a failing grade is obtained, no make-up test can be made, students should repeat the failing course.
  • When students fail more than 3/2 of the credits taken in a semester, they will be asked to withdraw study from NCU.
 IV. Suspension, Resumption, and Discontinuation
  • Students who need to apply for suspension because of illness or other emergent situation, should propose a letter of consent signed by parents or guardians, or letters from NHI to Section of Registration before the final exam.
  • The period of suspension can be one semester, one academic year or two academic years.
  • The application of resumption should be approved by the department and the academic dean. Students have to continue their study in the original department.
  • The application of discontinuation should be approved by parents, guardians and academic dean.


 V. Graduation and Degree
  • Undergraduate students are allowed to graduate upon completion of all course and credit requirements and obtain a satisfactory performance during the stay in NCU. Students will then be issued with a diploma and conferred a BA degree by NCU.
  • Graduate students will be conferred a MA or Doctoral degree upon the completion of all course an credit requirements.


 VI. Leave of Absence

Types of leave of absence

  • Sick leave

Sick leave within three days requires diagnosis proof from the
school doctor or hospital diagnosis proof, if it exceeds three days,
hospital diagnosis proof is definitely required.

  • Personal leave

Papers from your parents or guardian are required to explain the reason of your absence.

  • Official leave

Approval from the administration units is required to attend activities on behalf of the school. (Club activities are not included.)

  • Funeral leave

Application for funeral leave is required under the following conditions:

  1. Death of student’s direct relatives or siblings. 
  2. Death of the direct relatives of the student’s spouse

Authority of the Approval of Leave of Absence
Within one day: approved by the homeroom teacher.
Within three days: approved by the chair of the department.
Within five days: approved by the dean of the college.
Within a week: approved by the dean of Student Affairs .
Exceeds a week: approved by the president.
Approval by the teacher is needed if asking for a leave of absence on examination day.

If asking a leave of absence on exam or registration day, approval by Student Affairs Division and Academic Affairs Division is required.

Official leave requires the official documentation from the sponsor, otherwise, it’d be considered as a compensatory leave. Besides, if student’s studies are affected, the Division of Academic Affairs can inform the teacher to have a make up class for the student if necessary.

3.  Application Process

  • Get an application form from the Student Advising Section and submit papers or proof if needed.
  • Refer to the rule No. 2.
  • Once the application is approved, signature from the Student 

Advising Section is required to make the application valid.

Regulation for Absence 

Regulations for Absence

Amended by the Student Affairs meeting in 86.1.14
Amended by the Student Affairs meeting in 93.3.30

 1. Students have to apply for permission of absence according to these regulations.


 2. Students who can not come to school or join activities should apply for permission of absence according to these regulations.


 3. Category of leave and its conditions:

a) Leave of sickness: hand in the certificate of sickness within three days.

b) Leave of affairs: hand in certificates of parents or guardians or other certificates.

c) Leave of business: approval or signature of school administration or the activity manager, military service (school organizations are not included)

d) Leave of funeral: funeral of lineal relatives of students (and marital mate)


 4. Authority of permission:

a) permission of the teacher within three days

b) permission of the dean within a week

c) permission of the leader of student committee in one week

d) to prolong the leave is supposed to be on the basis of the procedures

e) Leave of exams should be approved by the teacher. Leave of registration or examination should be approved by the Student Committee.

f) Leave of business should be approved by the management, or would be regarded as leave of affairs; moreover, if it affects academic performance, the management has to be responsible to it. If necessary, the teacher has to make up the class for the students.


 5. Procedures of applying for leaving:

a) Take the application form, and attach it with certificate and approval.

b) Application of absence should follow the rule 4 and handle it step by step.

c) After the approval of the absence, the paper should be signed by the Division of Student Conduct and Housing Service to make it valid.


 6. Notice:

a) One can only apply for one kind of leave before the day of absence. If commission another person to manage the application, the date of stamp is the evidence to be taken account.

b) Except for the serious accident or sickness, the leave of class can not be made up. If anyone wants to make up for the leave, the process has to be done within three days.

c) Anyone without approval of leave will be regarded as absence of class. People come back to school before the end of vacation and already cancelled the vacation; the actual days of vacation will be accounted.

d) Students apply for the leave of class between two holidays in schedule of school calendar should ask the approval of the dean.

e) The students in the following situation will be discontinued the schooling:
i. The leave of class occupied one third of the semester.
ii. The students who has disease and will not recover in six weeks through the proof of the certificates of the public hospital.

 7. The regulations and any amendments thereto shall come into effect after being approved by the Students Affairs Meeting.



a) The form has five columns (department, name, date, course, period, and the teacher’s name), as detailed as possible.
b) After the approval of leave, take back the paper, and send each column to the teacher and the committee.

Student Inquiry



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  • NCU Suggestion Box: http://ncusec.ncu.edu.tw/suggestion_box/advice_form.php
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