To take international volunteers to exchange their culture with Taiwanese remote area elementary school students. Offering elementary students the chances to interact with students from around the world and also offering international students chances to visit different parts of Taiwan and understand their culture.


Participant Eligibility:

International Students, Oversea Chinese Students, Mainland Chinese Students



¤  Willing to share culture of their home country/ town and also enthusiastic about exploring Taiwanese culture

¤  Caring, loving and patient with children; open-minded and responsible person with good communication skills.

¤  Capable of designing basic teaching/activity plan


Service Detail:

¤  Work Description –To provide interactive and interesting cultural exchange activities that introduce language, food, music, education system, lifestyle…etc. of your home country/ town with remote area students. Meanwhile, students will also exchange stories and culture of local community/tribe to the volunteers. (The volunteers need to design their own activity/teaching plans)


¤  Activity Duration- 90 minutes per school (the last 15-30min will be feedback time of the students). Each service will be a 2 to 3- day trip in weekdays( local accommodation will be provided), covering one or two schools per day.


For more information, please refer to 


2) https://tinyurl.com/yxdq7y3j



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