Students who propose to undertake the internship may submit the following documents o Office of International Affairs before June 15th or December 15th: 

  1. Application Form
  2. Transcript
  3. A written agreement from the internship organization.
  4. Related certification documents from the internship organizations. 
  • For enterprises: the company registration certificate or business registration certificate; a photocopy of the annual profit‐seeking enterprise income tax return for the most recent year, or procurement records; and photocopies of other related documents shall be submitted.    However, if the internship organization is the Taiwan office of a newly‐established enterprise or of a financial service provider, it does not have to provide a photocopy of their annual income tax return.
  • Juridical persons delegated by competent industry authorities: shall submit photocopies of proof of their legal establishment, articles of incorporation, and of other related documents.
  • Foreign Chambers of Commerce: shall submit formal invitations issued by the Chamber.
  • Enterprises, juridical persons, or institutions that provide off‐campus internship programs for college students or that have signed industry‐academic cooperation contracts: shall submit a photocopy of the internship or industry‐academic cooperation contract, and of other related documents.
  • Training hospitals, under the Program of the General Medical Training Hospital which have been authorized and publicly identified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare shall submit a photocopy of the certificate of the internship hospital which was issued by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. 

The maximum duration of each internship permit is one year.

During their internship, international student graduates shall submit an internship report stamped by their internship organization, which is to be sent to their school, every three months. This report is also for schools’ reference when considering approval or denial of an internship duration extension. If these reports are not submitted, then the university/college may inform the MOE to cancel the internship permit.

The related information could be reached at “Operation Directions Governing Applications from Overseas Chinese Students, Students from Hong Kong and Macao, and International Students for Internships after Graduating from University/College in Taiwan.”



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