2021 International Cultural Day and Study Abroad Fair (ICSA Fair)-Find out the culture differences!


Did you know that Indians swing their heads to the right to agree?

Did you know that French don’t like to hold umbrellas on rainy days?

Did you know that Germans say ‘thank you’ to mean ‘no’?


Participate in ICSA Fair and learn more about interesting culture differences!

10 different countries’ students will introduce their country, display traditional stuffs and GAMES!


Gift, gift, gift! – Gift for participation

                      Leave a comment on OIA fanpage’s post to get useful gift

                      Finish the challenge card to win BIG prize


 Time: 11/26 (FRI) 11:30-15:00 (11:30-12:00 sign-in)

 Location: Square of Teaching and Research Building

 Registration: https://forms.gle/GVySYsN2NQJGgocT7


Please wear mask when participating in ICSA Fair



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