❤Host:Dr. Roland Kirschner

(International dormitory’s professor)


【Subject】「View from tea & life aspects」

【Speaker】Tea Research and Extension Station-Dr. C-N Lai

【Date】March 30th (Thu.) 18:30-20:30

【Location】Arts room of Female Dorm 14  

【Sign Up】https://goo.gl/YPFkw1


 Utilize with some data or information to introduce general status of Taiwan tea

 industry management, tea & life, multiple utilization of teas, tea extension

(including some important regulations and policies for tea industry, level C

 technician for tea manufacturing, elementary level of professional talent

 of tea sensory evaluation).


Provide limited dessert.

Related Link:http://www.ncu.edu.tw/events/showevent_e/eventid/4653



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