To receive MOST’s subsidy you must meet the following criteria:

1. You must be enrolled as a full-time Master’s or PhD student of NCU. (Excluding Degree Program, EMBA or any short courses)


2. You must maintain your student status while applying for this project AND attending the conference as well.


Application Deadline

2 months before the conference starts

Deadline for submission is NO LATER than the end of 2 months prior to the conference. 


For example, if the conference is in August, you must submit your application by 30 June.  If the duration of your meeting is from August to September, the deadline is 30 June, too.  Late submission will not be accepted by MOST.


Application Package

Your application package must include the following items.

1.  Application form

2.  The official document indicating that a paper has been accepted for presentation

3.  The abstract of the paper to be presented

4.  A letter of recommendation from your advisor

5.  Other supporting documents (e.g. the full text of the paper)


Subsidized Item

1. Round-trip airfare (on the basis of economic class fare by the most direct route between Taiwan and the location of the conference with the choice of airlines operated by Taiwan-registered companies)

2. Registration fee


Note: If local flights are not available, please fill out and submit a form for taking flights on foreign airlines when reimbursement after returning. (see Forms & Downloads)


Number of Times for Application

Each applicant can only be subsidized ONCE in the same fiscal year.





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