Intetnational Master Degree Porgram in Applied Materials (IAMS)
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About IAMS

With the change of globalized politics, technology & communication, education has to be cross-culture & nations. Besides, as the increasing demand for globalization, school education is often valued whether it has global vision or not. So, take NCU as example, in respond to the global view, we're highly active in innovative education, realization of the impact from deep research, standard set-up of the international education and being a base for international academic communication. 
As the basis of the above, this program aims to nurture expertise in research and development in material science and technology. The research topics include the practical and theoretical aspects of materials, their utilization, and their electronic, physical, mechanical, and chemical properties in relation to the structures. 
This program is collaborated faculties & courses with different departments from college of Engineering & Science. The departments include departments of physics, Chemistry, mechanical engineering, chemical & materials engineering, and graduate institute of environmental engineering, and materials science & technology. All courses are lectured in English in this program. 
The main characteristic of this program is that besides the interdisciplinary researches, you can choose your thesis advisor from College of Science and College of Engineering, and will receive a “Master of Science” degree after graduation. We welcome every eleite student from all over the world and we’re eager to see you in our program!