Intetnational Master Degree Porgram in Applied Materials (IAMS)
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Course Instructor


IAMS International Graduate Program is a joint program sponsored by CE (College of Engineering ) and CS (College of Science)at NCU. Students enrolled in this program are free to choose any member(s) of the CE and CS Faculty as their thesis advisor(s) as long as mutual consents are reached among the faculty members and the students.

College of Science (CS)

Department of Chemistry
Photo Name Position Extension # E-mail
Lii, Kwang-Hwa Professor & Vice President  65930、7007
Chu, Peter Po-Jen Professor 65902
Wu Chun-Guey Professor  65903

Department of Physics
Photo Name Position Extension # E-mail
Li Wen-Hsien Professor  65335
Luo Meng-Fan Professor  65349
Otto C.W. Kong Associate Professor 65372
  Lai San-Kiong Professor  65312

College of Engineering (CE)

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Lee, Shyong Professor  34324
Wu, Jiunn-Chi Associate Professor 34335
Lin Chih-Kuang
Lin Chih-Kuang Professor  34340
 Institute of Energy Engineering


 Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

Photo Name Position Extension # E-mail
Albert T. Wu Professor 34258 
Lee, Tu Professor 34204 
Akon Higuchi Professor 34253 
Sun, Yan-Hsien Associate Professor  34205 
Cheng, Shao-Liang   Professor 34233 
Chen, Wen-Yi Professor 34222 
Liu, Cheng-Yi  Professor 34228 
Liu Cheng-Liang
Liu Cheng-Liang  Assistant Professor 34211 

Graduate Institute of Materials Science and Engineering
Photo Name Position Extension # E-mail
Lin, Jing-Chie   Professor 34328
Jang, Shian-Ching  Professor 34379
Wang, Kuan-Wen  Associate Professor 34906
Lee, Sheng-Wei Associate Professor 34905
Chen, I-Chen Assistant Professor 34907

Graduate Institute of Environment Engineering
Photo Name Position Extension # E-mail
Hsiao Da-Chih Assistant Professor 34682
Chang Moo-Been   Professor 34663